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Is your supply chain costing you money or making you money?

Experience the freedom of an automated supply chain. Exceed your customers’ expectations and save time and money, all while gaining a powerful competitive edge. Supplier City’s team of aerospace experts has developed a cloud-based software that is the fastest and easiest path to a fully connected, worry-free supply chain. Our customizable programs are a refreshing alternative to bundled, one-size-fits all packages that don’t fully meet the unique needs of aerospace OEMs and their suppliers.

Process Times Reduced
Stock Levels Reduced
Global Visibility Increased
Parts Traceability Increased
Transactions Automated

Transform your supply chain and transform your business.

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No Worries, No Surprises

Supplier City has mastered the art and science of supply chain management with a proven system for delivering a worry-free supply chain to aerospace OEMs and their suppliers. Let us show you how to harness the cloud for maximum agility, efficiency and saving. We offer four levels of service, and help customers by providing a range of customized solutions with no hidden costs or bundled programs full of add-ons that don’t make sense for your operation.

Turnkey A total package of supply channel management and logistics software, implementation, management and ongoing support. We do it all.

I.T. Only We deliver the software, and assist with integration and training. You operate the program from there.

Blended What do you want? What do you need? Let’s customize a program that will work perfectly for you.

Consulting Leverage our team’s deep logistics and supply channel management experience to assist with RFQs, supplier selection, program design, implementation and ongoing management. Our supply chain experts are also available to visit and assess your existing processes, providing actionable insights, ideas and specific recommendations for improvement.

Supply Chain Automation

If you are managing your supply chain manually…have a mandate to reduce operational costs…and are tired of dealing with problematic suppliers and unhappy customers – automation is the answer.

A healthy supply chain is the heartbeat of any manufacturer’s business and is essential to overall success. In fact, superior supply chain management directly translates into significant savings and a true competitive advantage for operations large and small.

Users of Supplier City’s proprietary automation system — including some of the biggest names in aerospace — routinely realize measurable improvements. On average:

Reduction in Process Time
Reduction in Stock Levels
Automation of Transactions
Traceability of All Parts
Real-Time Global Visibility

Supplier City Solutions has pioneered a supply chain automation system that builds on the once revolutionary just-in-time concept, eliminating manual activity and taking efficiency and savings to soaring new heights — bringing customers and their suppliers together under a single operational umbrella and connecting them in real time via the internet.

How It Works

Complexity Made Simple

Supply chains are complex, dynamic, and traditionally hard to manage efficiently. There is just too much information changing, too many organizations and people — too many pieces and parts. Supplier City is the common thread that pulls everyone and everything together for maximum efficiency. Supplier City’s cloud-based software as a service can enable end-users to manage their supply chains directly or select service providers (supplier, 3PL or 4PL) for outsourced supply channel management functions.

Supplier City Software Integration

Supplier City’s software integrates with many operating systems, including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Compass, and more.

SCS Supply Chain Automation Portal

The Web Portal acts as a secure nerve center, providing full access to critical aspects of the supply chain any time, anywhere, even via smart devices.

See Everything

Supplier City’s proprietary software centralizes every aspect of the supply chain. By accessing the user friendly Web Portal, key stakeholders have access to the same information at the same time. No guesswork. No assumptions. And, because the system provides full visibility to everything all the time, there is nowhere to hide problems or poor performance.

System Features

  • Comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Integrated WiFi & Bluetooth for paperless transactions
  • Automated receiving from “Integrated” suppliers
  • User-defined quality inspection types
  • Automated rejection, quality hold and release
  • Advanced document imaging system
  • Daily requirements planning
  • Multiple forecast modeling
  • Automatic supplier releases (Purchase Orders)
  • Automatic supplier scheduling (Delivery)
  • Detailed consumption analysis
  • Extensive barcode scanning & RFID replenishment
  • Interactive Portal with mobile device support
  • Real-time kit / bin configuration change
  • Event management with email & text alerts
  • Daily operational & supply channel visibility reports

Portal Features

  • Part Location & Status
  • Shelf-Life Part Status & Notifications
  • Purchase Orders & Status
  • Manage Critical Part Shortages
  • Invoices & Status
  • Expedited Purchase Orders & Status
  • Program & Supplier Performance
  • Manage Engineering Changes
  • Manual Replenishment Requests
  • Online Part Certifications & Documentation
  • File Transfer To/From Customers and Suppliers
  • Kit Configuration Management


Help Is Here

The Supplier City team helps companies achieve the perfect balance between cost, quality and performance and has extensive experience in supply chain solutions. We designed and implemented the very first Just-In-Time program in the aerospace industry in 1988 at Rockwell International. The overwhelming success of that program created a domino effect. Within a few short years, we installed and managed similar programs at industry-leading providers, including:

American Airlines
British Airlines
Pratt Whitney
Rolls Royce

Meet The Experts

Ralph Barnhart

Supply Chain Automation Expert Ralph BarnhartFor more than three decades, Ralph Barnhart has been a leader in the design and development of distribution and warehouse system solutions. He has helped pioneer multiple innovative systems in aerospace, including the industry’s first Just-in-Time concept. He is a co-founder and vice president of IT systems for Supplier City.


Jim Grason

Supply Chain Management Expert Jim GrasonCompany president Jim Grason is a true supply chain management expert, with more than 25 years of experience designing, implementing and managing Just-in-Time, 3PL and 4PL value-added programs. He has deep aerospace experience, having worked closely with virtually every major OEM.


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